ZALAC Annual Report 2008


매출 : 9,626,100
상품 : 자수향낭목걸이 , 야생화압화양초 , 체험지도 , 기타
제작판매 : 2,091 건

출품수상 :
'080616 _ 강릉시 공예품대전 은상
'080624 _ 강원도 관광기념품공모전 금상
'080710 _ 강원도 공예품대전 대상
'081017 _ 대한민국 공예품대전 장려상


At The Riverside Of Ohio

The Slave Ship _Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1840

지금 이 시각 지구 반대 편 미국에서는 Barak Obama 의 취임식이
시작되고 있을 것이다.

끝없이 펼쳐진 Illinois 들판에 서서 '눈길이 닿는 곳까지 농사를
짓는다' 는 말에 '씨는 비행기로 뿌린다지만 수확은 다 누가 하느냐'고
물으니 그냥 멋없이 '우리 가족' 이라고 답하던 미국인.
그 멋없음 뒤에 숨겨진 근면함이 좋다.
Ernest M. Hemingway 의 글이나 Andrew S. Roddick 의 Play 에서
느낄 수 있는 강렬한 간결함도 좋다.
미국에서는 지금 지구상의 거의 모든 인종이 모여서 거대한 인류적
실험을 하고 있다. 무엇 보다도 그 도전 정신이 좋다.

1976.11.10 , Evansville , Ohio 강가.
밤늦은 시각 나는 술집에서 홀로 술을 마시고 있었다.
' Paradise' 라는 선술집 이었는데 옆에서 당구를 치던 젊은 흑인이
다가와 나를 자기 동네 파티에 초대하겠단다.
흑인 동네 였고, 여자 Softball 게임에 우승하여 열린 파티 였다.
점심을 먹으면서 공장장 ( Bucyrus-Erie Co. ) 에게 그 이야기를
했었는데 , 일정을 안내하던 친구가 그에게 불려가 몹시 혼이 났다고
William Turner 가 ' 노예선' 을 그린지 백 수십년이 지났지만
흑백의 골은 깊었다.

이제 오늘의 Obama 가 있게한 미국인에게서 이 인류적 실험의
성공 가능성을 본다.
Obama 의 ' Middle Class Task Force' 가 흑백의 함정에서 벗어나
한 차원 높이 작동되기를 기대한다.


Moving Average Convergence / Divergence

MACD, which stands for Moving Average Convergence / Divergence, is a technical analysis indicator created by Gerald Appel in the 1960s. It shows the difference between a fast and slow exponential moving average (EMA) of closing prices.
During the 1980s MACD proved to be a valuable tool for any trader. The standard periods recommended back in the 1960s
by Gerald Appel are 12 and 26 days:
MACD = EMA[12] of price - EMA[26] of price
A signal line (or trigger line) is then formed by smoothing this with a further EMA. The standard period for this is 9 days,
signal = EMA[9] of MACD
The difference between the MACD and the signal line is often calculated and shown not as a line, but a solid block histogram style. This construction was made by Thomas Aspray in 1986.
The calculation is simply
histogram = MACD − signal
The example graph above shows all three of these together.
The upper graph is the prices. The lower graph has the MACD
line in blue and the signal line in red. The solid white histogram style is the difference between them.
The set of periods for the averages, often written as say 12,26,9, can be varied. Appel and others have experimented with various combinations.

MACD is a trend following indicator, and is designed to identify trend changes. It's generally not recommended for use in ranging market conditions.
The signal line crossing is the usual trading rule. This is to buy when the MACD crosses up through the signal line, or sell when it crosses down through the signal line. These crossings may occur too frequently, and other tests may have to be applied.
The histogram shows when a crossing occurs. When the MACD line crosses through zero on the histogram it is said that the MACD line has crossed the signal line. The histogram can also help visualizing when the two lines are coming together. Both may still be rising, but coming together, so a falling histogram suggests a crossover may be approaching.
A crossing of the MACD line up through zero is interpreted as bullish, or down through zero as bearish. These crossings are of course simply the original EMA(12) line crossing up or down through the slower EMA(26) line.
Positive divergence between MACD and price arises when price makes a new selloff low, but the MACD doesn't make a new low (i.e. it remains above where it fell to on that previous price low). This is interpreted as bullish, suggesting the downtrend may be nearly over. Negative divergence is the same thing when rising (i.e. price makes a new rally high, but MACD doesn't rise as high as before), this is interpreted as bearish.
Divergence may be similarly interpreted on the price versus the histogram, where the new price levels are not confirmed by new histogram levels. Longer and sharper divergences (distinct peaks or troughs) are regarded as more significant than small shallow patterns in this case.
It is recommended to look at a MACD on a weekly scale before looking at a daily scale to avoid making short term trades against the direction of the intermediate trend.
Sometimes it is prudent to apply a price filter to the Bullish Moving Average Crossover to ensure that it will hold. An example of a price filter would be to buy if MACD breaks above the 9-day EMA and remains above for three days. The buy signal would then commence at the end of the third day.